Searchlight CB, Ft. Columbia

Old News

2/15/07,  Uploaded a partial copy of the 1942 Local Harbor Defense Board Proceedings for Seward Alaska.

10/22/06,  Uploaded the last page from the 2005 Kodiak visit: Searchlight #22 at Fort Abercrombie.

10/14/06,  Added two pages: BC 6 and B 1/6 S 1/6 and the Battle Allowance Magazine, both at Fort Abercrombie.

10/2/06,  Uploaded a page for the Battery Const. #404 plotting room at Fort Abercrombie.

9/26/06,  Added two pages for Battery Const. #404 at Fort Abercrombie.

7/11/06,  Added a page for Support Buildings at Fort Abercrombie.

7/3/06,  Added pages for the Piedmont Point installations; SCR-296 Radar Site and Searchlight #21.

6/26/06,  Uploaded a page for B 3/5 S 3/5 at Spruce Cape.

6/18/06,  Added a page for the MET station at Point Curto.

6/13/06,  Added a page for the Cooks Bay Housing and Support area.

6/6/06,  Uploaded a page for the Castle Bluff Magazines.

6/1/06,  Added a page for the Castle Bluff Housing and Support area.

5/26/06,  Added pages for BC 5 and the SCR-296 radar site at Castle Bluff in Kodiak.

5/20/06,  Uploaded a group of pages for Battery Const. #296 in Kodiak.

5/7/06,  Added pages for the Group 2 Command Post and SCR-582 radar site and also Housing and Support buildings, both at Deer Point.

5/1/06,  Added two more pages for Deer Point: BC 4 and the Battery Plotting Room.

4/25/06,  Uploaded two pages for Deer Point: Battery Tactical #4 and Ammunition Magazines.

4/20/06,  Added a page for the Battle Allowance Magazines near Lake Dolgoi on Long Island.

4/13/06,  Uploaded two new pages for Burt Point: B 2/5 S 2/5 & B 2/4 S 2/4 and Support Buildings.

4/8/06,  Added a page for Searchlight #15 at Burt Point.

4/5/06,  Changed the underlying design of the site to use relative paths for all internal links. There may be a few bugs that have been missed, so if you find any broken links, get javaScript errors or notice anything strange with the footer at the bottom of each page please send me an email. Thanks.

3/22/06,  Added a page for Searchlight #14 at Pyramid Point.

3/18/06,  Added a number of new pages for Puffin Island: AW Magazines, Housing and Support buildings and Searchlight #11.

3/15/06,  Uploaded two pages, Battery Tactical #7 and BC 7 both on Puffin Island.

3/5/06,  Added a page for the incomplete 155-mm battery at Pillar Mountain.

2/24/06,  Another two pages: B 1/3 S 1/3 and Searchlights #12 & #13, both at Gibson Cove.

2/19/06,  Uploaded two pages: HDOP #4 and 6-Inch Naval Gun Battery, both located at Artillery Hill.

2/15/06,  Added a page for the HDCP - HECP at Artillery Hill.

2/5/06,  Added a page for the various magazines at Buskin Hill.

1/31/06,  Uploaded three pages for Battery Tactical #3 at Buskin Hill.

1/28/06,  Added a page for B 2/3 S 2/3 at Mansfield Ridge.

1/26/06,  Made a few more small changes. I should be getting back to work adding installation pages shortly.

1/23/06,  The changes took less time than I had thought. It should all be working now. If you find a bad link or other problem, I would appreciate an email about it, thanks.

1/23/06,  I'm working on changing the style of the site a bit and rearranging some content. This may take a few days, and some links or etc. may not work for a while. Sorry for any inconvenience.

1/5/06,  Uploaded two pages for Midway Point; B 2/1 S 2/1 and Searchlights #9 and #10.

12/29/05,  Added two pages: Battery Tactical #2 and B 1/2 S 1/2. Both at Chiniak Point.

12/20/05,  Added a page for the War Reserve Magazine on Isadora Island. Also corrected "Fort H. J. Smith" to "Fort J. H. Smith" on a number of pages.

12/14/05,  Added pages for Battery Const. #403 Plotting room and Battery Command station.

12/10/05,  Uploaded a page for Battery Const. #403 at Fort J. H. Smith.

12/5/05,  Added several pages; SCR-296 radar site, Group 1 Command Post and Housing and Support buildings all of which are at Round Top.

11/28/05,  Uploaded a page for Searchlight #8 at Bald Hill.

11/24/05,  Added pages for B 1/1 S 1/1 & B 2/2 S 2/2 and Searchlight #7, both at South Cape.

11/15/05,  Several new pages: B 3/2 S 3/2 at Cape Greville, Searchlights #5 & #6 and the HD Signal Station at South Cape.

11/8/05,  Uploaded a page for Searchlights #3 & #4 at Soquel Point and a page for the B 3/1 S 3/1 station, also at Soquel Point.

10/31/05,  Added several pages for the defenses of Kodiak Island. Also uploaded copies of the 1944 Kodiak HD Annexes and a collection of RCWs from Kodiak to the documents section.

10/20/05,  Rearranged a few pages and removed some redundant pages, Also updated the Rugged Island page.

10/14/05,  Uploaded the last two Seward pages for the time being: B 2/2 S 2/2 FC station at Rocky Point and Searchlight #3 on Topeka Point.

10/9/05,  Added a page for the Magnetic detection loop station at Rocky Point in seward. Also changed the layout of several pages and fixed some typographical errors.

9/17/05,  Added a page for Searchlights #1 and #2 in Seward.

9/6/05,  Added a page for Battery Tactical #1 at Rocky Point in Seward.

8/29/05,  Updated several of the Seward pages with photos from this summer's visit. Upcoming additions will include pages for Rocky Point (in Seward) and then the defenses of Kodiak Island.

6/28/05,  Uploaded the final two pages for Dutch Harbor: Beach defenses and Improvised FC stations.

6/19/05,  Uploaded a page for the Housing and tramway at Ft. Learnard.

6/9/05,  Added a page for the Magazines at Ft. Learnard.

6/2/05,  Added a page for Searchlights #11 and #12 at Ft. Learnard.

5/25/05,  Uploaded a page for the SCR-296 Radar at Ft. Learnard.

5/22/05,  Uploaded a page for Battery #298's BC station at Ft. Learnard.

5/14/05,  Added a set of pages for Battery Const. #298 at Ft. Learnard.

5/6/05,  Uploaded a page for Searchlights #9 and #10 at Ft. Schwatka.

4/29/05,  Uploaded two new pages, one for the HD Signal Station and the B"2 S"2 station and one for the B"4 S"4 station, both at Ft. Schwatka.

4/21/05,  Added two new pages, one for the Ulakta Head 155mm battery and the other for various magazines at Ft. Schwatka.

4/15/05,  Uploaded a page for the HDCP complex in Dutch Harbor.

4/5/05,  Added a new page for the Hardor Defense Radio Station in Dutch Harbor.

3/28/05,  Uploaded a new page for Battery #402 in Dutch Harbor.

3/10/05,  Added several new pages for various installations at Fort Schwatka in Dutch Harbor.

2/22/05,  Uploaded a page for Housing and AA magazines at Hill 400.

2/12/05,  Uploaded a set of pages for Battery Tactical No.2 at Hill 400.

2/3/05,  Added a page for the Magazines at Fort Brumback.

2/1/05,  Added some new pages for Battery Tactical No.1 at Fort Brumback.

1/26/05,  Added a page for the Constantine Head FC site in Dutch Harbor.

1/23/05,  Added several pages for the Ugadaga Head area in Dutch Harbor.

1/22/05,  Some big changes this time, First, as you've probably noticed, I've got a new domain name and, under it, a new web host. This means that you will have to update your bookmarks to this new address. I have also completely rebuilt the internal structure of the site, making it easier to manage and update.

During this process I've removed some old content that was badly out of date. To compensate for this, I've added several new documents from Dutch Harbor to the documents section, as well as making several small upgrades around the site.

1/10/05,  Added a page for the Rugged Island dock and tramway, the last Seward page for the near future.

1/8/05,  Two new pages, the HDCP Power houses and the HD Radio Station both at Ft. Bulkley

1/7/05,  Added a new page for the HDCP and SCR-582 radar site on Rugged Island.

12/26/04,  Added a page for the SCR-296 site on Rugged Island in Seward.

12/20/04,  New page for Battery #294 in Seward, added a new page for old news and updates and made some minor changes around the site.

11/24/04,  Added a page for Battery #293 at Ft. McGilvray and another for BC Battery #293 also at Ft. McGilvray.

11/8/04,  Added a page for the Antiaircraft magazine at Ft. Bulkley and the Rocky Point Command Post at Ft. McGilvray, both in Seward.

10/30/04,  Uploaded two new pages, War reserve magazines and the Antiaircraft magazine at Ft. McGilvray in Seward.

10/27/04,  Added a new harbor to the site: Seward, Alaska. To accompany this I've added several Seward related documents, including RCWs and the 1944 Harbor Defense Annexes, to the Documents Section.

10/7/04,  Uploaded a new page for the Point Wilson A.M.T.B. battery at Ft. Worden.

7/1/04,  Uploaded a new page for Battery Benson at Ft. Worden.

5/22/04,  Uploaded a page for Battery Stoddard at Ft. Worden.

5/17/04,  Uploaded a page for Battery Putnam at Ft. Worden.

5/15/04,  Added a Fort Casey section to the Digital Documents section.(edit: 1/18/05: Removed for new server)

5/12/04,  Uploaded a page for the SCR-296 Radar site at Ft. Worden and updated the index page for Btry Tolles.

5/9/04,  Updated the Battery Vicars and Battery Walker pages with some new photos.

4/6/04,  Reworked the main index page and the Puget Sound page. Added a set of map pages  for Puget Sound. Updated several of the Puget Sound pages (nothing very interesting, just a few cross-links to aid navigation). And started a new section for digital copies of Coast Artillery documents.

2/21/04,  Uploaded a set of pages for Battery Kinzie At Fort Worden.

2/15/04,  Uploaded a page for Battery Vicars At Fort Worden.

2/14/04,  Uploaded some pages for Battery Brannan and Battery Powell, the Fort Worden mortar batteries.

1/21/04,  Uploaded a set of pages for Battery Tolles and one for Battery Walker at Fort Worden and fixed a bunch of typos.

1/8/04,  Uploaded a page for AA battery No. 3 at Fort Worden.

12/31/03,  Uploaded two pages, searchlights #6 & #7 and searchlights #1 & #2 at Fort Canby.
Also added date information to all the photos and fixed a few typos around the site.
(Edit: 1/18/05 Removed for new server)

12/10/03,  Uploaded a set of pages for Battery #292 up in Sitka.(Edit: 1/18/05 Removed for new server)

11/25/03,  Uploaded a page for searchlights #8 & #9 and one for F" 4 and B" 7, both at Fort Casey.

11/16/03,  Uploaded a page for searchlight #5 and B 3/2 S 3/2 at Fort Ebey.

11/10/03,  Uploaded a page for the A.M.T.B. battery at Fort Flagler.

11/06/03,  I've uploaded a page for the 1921 mine casemate at Fort Stevens (Edit: 1/18/05 Removed for new server) and a set of new pages for battery #131 at Camp Hayden.

08/31/03,  I'm reworking the whole site, so most of the old pages are going to be down for awhile.


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