Battery #131
A.M.T.B. btry Ft. Flagler.

Construction on battery #131 started in late 1942 and was completed by 1945. It housed two 16 inch navy guns in heavily reinforced casemates. Battery #131 also supplied electric power to most of the other coast artillery structures in the area from its three 375 KVA generators.

Most of the rooms in btry #131 are very large and beyond the ability of my camera's flash to properly illuminate, so many of the photos are a bit dark.

Gun #1 rooms
Gun #2 rooms
Power rooms
Plotting room
RCWs and other army documents

The front of the #1 casemate.
March 2002
The front of the #2 casemate.
March 2002
Inside the #2 casemate.
March 2002
The back of the #1 casemate.
March 2002
The back of the #2 casemate.
March 2002
The power room door and vents to the muffler gallery and water cooler room.
March 2002

Remains of fold down bunk beds

Battery #131 was equipped with many bunk beds that would fold down from the walls. Most of them have been removed, but I was able to find two mounting brackets, one in the front corridor and one in the power room. The bunks would have been similar to the ones in battery Townsley's PSR room.
Two high bunk mount next to store room door in btry #131.
Fold down bunks in btry Townsley's PSR room.
Feb 2003
Three high bunk mount in the power room of btry #131.

Access info:
Battery #131 is in the Salt Creek Recreation Area west of Port Angeles. Take highway 112 about 8 miles west from Port Angeles and follow signs to Salt Creek rec area. The battery is on the road inside the campground that has a sign for the trailer dump, just follow it and you'll drive right into the #1 casemate.

Most of the battery is closed to the public, but you can drive through the casemates and look at the air compressor rooms. (I had to arrange a special tour to photograph the interior rooms.)

The plotting room is off to the right of the road if you stay on the road rather than entering the camp ground. It's sealed up tight, the escape shaft is buried and the vent shaft in mostly buried.

All photos from Oct 2003, unless otherwise noted.

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