Tramway and Support Buildings
Fort Bulkley, HD Seward
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The dock at Mary's Bay was connected to the upper part of Fort Bulkley by a 675 foot tramway. This tram was powered by a hoist located near the battery administration and supply building at the 450 foot level, where the tramway ended.

Strong winter storms and the moist climate have taken a severe toll on the support buildings at Fort Bulkley and little remains of them today.

Deterioration is an ongoing process for the defenses of Seward. This image shows the Mary's Bay dock in July 2004 (top) and again in July 2005 (bottom). The shoreline had also receded a noticeable amount in that time, cutting into the small earthen landing at the foot of the access road and further damaging the tramway.
The Mary's Bay dock.
July 2004
Looking up the tramway.
July 2004
Tramway hoist house foundations.
July 2005
Collapsed Quonset hut, #29 on the As Constructed plan.
Photo by Larry Rohde, July 2004
The dock, looking north.
July 2004
Landing at the top of the tramway.
July 2005
Collapsed battery admin & supply building.
July 2004
Wooden Water pipes stored in the collapsed mess hall, near the HDCP.
July 2004

As constructed plan, Battery #294 area 
As constructed plan, HDCP area 
Form 3, Mary's Bay Dock 
Plan, Mary's Bay Dock 

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