B"2 S"2 and HD Signal Station
Fort Schwatka, HD Dutch Harbor
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The B"2 S"2 station and the Harbor Defense Signal Station were both located on the steep north face of Ulakta Head. Neither are accessible now, but can be viewed from the top of the cliff, especially if you use binoculars.

The B"2 S"2 station was a small structure of rough timber construction. A small generator shelter and a Quonset hut were located nearby. The area was accessed by a foot trail from the top of the cliff.

The HD Signal Station was a wood frame building located 69 feet above sea level, to the west of B"2 S"2. The station drew electrical power from B"2 S"2, and may have been accessed from the beach below.

Telephoto shot of the B"2 S"2 area. The station is near the top of the photo, then a depression were the Quonset hut was, and at the bottom is the generator shelter. It appears that the generator may still be in place.
July 2004
Another telephoto shot. The wooden debris are almost certainly the HD Signal Station.
July 2004

Form 2, B"2 S"2August 1, 1944
Form 5, B"2 S"2 power houseAugust 1, 1944
Form 2, Signal StationAugust 1, 1944
Description of Signal Station.December 10, 1944
General map of area.December 10, 1944
Detail map of area.
Note: The left edge of the map is missing.
December 10, 1944

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