Battery Tactical #4
Deer Point, Long Island, HD Kodiak
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The Coast Artillery installed a battery of four 155-mm guns on Deer Point, near the north end of Long Island. In addition to the four gun positions, the battery site included an "Ex. BC" (probably either a former or an emergency Battery Command station) and several magazine structures.

The main Battery Command station and battery plotting room were located on a hill to the west of the gun positions.

Due to heavy rain, many of the photos are rather poor.

Gun Positions

The #1 gun position, looking north.
August 2005
A log lined pit north of the #1 gun position. Possibly a magazine or crew shelter.
August 2005
The #2 gun position, looking west. The ex BC is visible on the ridge.
August 2005
A collapsing covered trench between the #1 and #2 gun positions.
August 2005
The #3 gun position, looking southwest.
August 2005
A zigzag trench runs from the #3 position to the #1 and #2 positions.
August 2005
The #4 gun position, looking southeast.
August 2005
More trenches extend north from the #4 position.
August 2005

Ex. BC Station

looking west at the station.
August 2005
The Ex. BC and gun position #3.
2001 photo by Chris Wiles
The east corner of the station.
August 2005
Looking south inside the station.
August 2005
Inside the station, looking west.
August 2005
The north corner of the station.
August 2005

Form 1May 1, 1944
Form 7, page 1 
Form 7, page 2May 1944
Form 7, page 3May 1944
Form 2, Ex. BC stationMay 1, 1944
Detail map of area.September 1944
Fire Control Chart.October 1944

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