BC 4 and B 1/4 S 1/4
Deer Point, Long Island, HD Kodiak
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The Battery Command station and observation station B 1/4 S 1/4 (both serving Battery Tactical #4) where installed in a two-story building atop a wooden tower, just west of the battery site. The Battery Command station used the lower level, while B 1/4 S 1/4 was located in the upper station.

The tower has collapsed leaving the stations as rubble. This section appears to be the upper half and roof of the top station.
August 2005
One of the instrument mounts can be seen in the debris.
August 2005
A small wood observation station was located near the foot of the tower.
August 2005

Form 2, BC 4May 1, 1944
Plan, BC 4September 1, 1945
Form 2, B 1/4 S 1/4May 1, 1944
Plan, B 1/4 S 1/4September 1, 1945
Detail map of area.September 1944

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