SCR-296 Site
Fort Bulkley, HD Seward
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The SCR-296 radar intended to provide targeting data to Battery Const. #294 was constructed on the steep southern face of Rugged Island, about 450 feet east of the battery. Installations at the radar site included an antenna tower, a concrete transmitter building and power generation facilities. Access to the transmitter building, and presumably the antenna tower, was via wooden walkways and stairs starting near the AA magazine, climbing over the ridge to the south and then dropping down to the transmitter building.

Today, the transmitter building has been damaged by earth movement and is resting precariously at the top of a cliff. The power facilities could not be positively identified, but an unusual concrete foundation was located in the approximate area. The antenna site was not investigated due to the steep slope.

Ruined stairway with AA magazine wingwall to the left.
July 2004
Looking up the stairway on the south side of the ridge.
July 2004
Damaged transmitter building, looking west.
July 2004
Landing at the base of the southern stairs.
July 2004
Possible power house foundation, looking southwest.
July 2005

Form 2 
Plot PlanAugust 19, 1944

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