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Fort Bulkley, HD Seward
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The planned antiaircraft defense of Rugged Island consisted of two 37-mm AA guns and four 50 caliber machine guns to be emplaced along the ridge to the east of Battery Const. #294. The gun positions were never constructed, but a 300 square foot magazine located nearby was completed except for the back fill. Several magazines of similar design were constructed at Caines Head and include the war reserve magazines and the Antiaircraft magazine.

The front of the magazine.
July 2005
Inside the magazine.
July 2004
Looking down at the magazine. Note the wooden vent shaft cover.
July 2004
Looking out of the magazine.
July 2004

Page 2 of the 1944 E Annex contains information on the antiaircraft magazine, and the location of the magazine is shown in exhibit 4-B of the 1944 B Annex.

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