Battery Tactical #2
Chiniak Point, HD Kodiak
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Battery Tactical #2 consisted of four 155-mm GPF guns emplaced on circular Panama type mounts. The Coast Artillery installed the guns along the south side of the road leading east to Ft. J. H. Smith.

As of 2005 the battery site has been subdivided and is now privately owned. The gun mounts were buried, although the edges of three emplacements are visible along the road cut.

The #1 mount.
August 2005
The #3 mount.
August 2005
The #4 mount.
August 2005

Form 1May 1, 1944
Form 7, page 1May 1, 1944
Form 7, page 2May 1944
Form 7, page 3May 1944
Detail map of area.September 1944
Fire Control Chart.October 1944

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