B 3/2 S 3/2
Cape Greville, HD Kodiak
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Cape Greville was the site of fire control observation station B 3/2 S 3/2, which served the battery of four 155-mm guns at Chiniak Point. Army documents indicate that the station was a dug in, cottage-type structure built of reinforced concrete.

The station could not be positively identified in 2005. A concrete structure approximating the Army floor plan was located very close to the station's coordinates, but this structure consisted only of partial height walls without the concrete roof mentioned in the documentation.

Possible remains of the station.
August 2005
Partially collapsed Quonset hut in the small housing area.
August 2005

Form 2May 1, 1944
PlanSeptember 1, 1945
Detail map of area.September 1944

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