Plotting Room
Battery Const. #404,
Fort Abercrombie, HD Kodiak
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The Coast Artillery installed the plotting and switchboard facilities for Battery Const. #404 in a reinforced concrete structure about 400 feet to the south of the gun positions. The installation included the plotting room, switchboard room, (anti-)Chemical Warfare Service, or CWS room, an airlock, a small utility room and latrine facilities.

Looking northwest at the installation.
July 2005
Entrances: utility room (left), airlock (center) and plotting room (right).
July 2005
The southwest wall of the installation, with chimney from the utility room.
July 2005
Looking in the plotting room window.
July 2005
Looking west in the utility room.
July 2005
The north corner of the utility room.
July 2005

Form 2May 1, 1944
PlanSeptember 1, 1945
Detail map of area.October 1944

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