6-Inch Naval Gun
Artillery Hill, HD Kodiak
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Army documents indicate that an emplacement for a 6-inch Naval gun was built in Kodiak during March of 1942. No specific location is given for the emplacement, but the Battery Command station was located on Artillery Hill (near the HDCP) and the gun would presumably have been installed near by.

A pair of small magazine-like structures and a heavy metal mounting plate that may be the remains of the battery are located approximately 600 feet northeast of the BC station coordinates.

The mounting plate is approximately five feet square.
August 2005
The edge of a circular concrete pad is visible on the left.
August 2005
The western magazine.
August 2005
The eastern magazine.
August 2005
Inside the eastern magazine.
August 2005

Form 1May 1, 1944
Form 2, BC stationMay 1, 1944

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