#2 gun shield, Battery Const. #298

Dutch Harbor
Installations by location
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Beach defense, Amaknak SpitBeach defenses
FC station, Ft. SchwatkaUndocumented FC stations

Ugadaga Head (Beaver)
HDOP ladder, Ugadaga HeadHDOP 1
Searchlight #1, Ugadaga HeadSearchlights #1 and #2
Tram Hoist, Ugadaga HeadTramway and Housing

Constantine Head
B'''4, B'''3 & B''1, Constantine HeadFC station and Searchlights #5 and #6

Fort Brumback, Summer Bay
Battery Tactical #1, Fort BrumbackBattery Tactical #1155-mm GPF
BC 1 and B'1 S'1, Fort BrumbackBC 1 and B'1 S'1
Plotting room, Fort BrumbackPlotting room for Battery Tactical #1
WR Magazine, Fort BrumbackWR and AA Magazines

Hill 400
Battery Tactical #2, Hill 400Battery Tactical #2155-mm GPF
BC 2, Hill 400BC 2 and B'2 S'2
Plotting room, Hill 400Plotting room for Battery Tactical #2
AA magazine, Hill 400Housing and AA Magazines

Fort Schwatka

Gun Batteries
#1 Battery Const. #402, Fort SchwatkaBattery Const. #4028-inch Barbette
#4, 155-mm Battery, Fort SchwatkaUlakta Head Battery155-mm GPF

Fire Control
HDCP-HECP, Fort SchwatkaHDCP, HECP and HDOP 3
BC 3, Fort SchwatkaBC 3 and B'3 S'3
Plotting room, Battery Const. #402Plotting room for Battery Const. #402
B2/2 S2/2, Fort SchwatkaB"2 S"2 and HD Signal Station
B2/4 S2/4, Fort SchwatkaB"4 S"4

Searchlight #10, Fort SchwatkaSearchlights #9 and #10

Radar Sites
SCR-296, Fort SchwatkaSCR-296 for Battery Const. #402
SCR-582, Fort SchwatkaSCR-582 in HDCP complex

Other Installations
HD Radio Station, Ft. SchwatkaHD Radio Station
WR Magazine, Fort SchwatkaWR Magazines

Fort Learnard, Eider Point

Gun Batteries
Battery Const. #298, Fort LearnardBattery Const. #2986-inch Barbette

Fire Control
B2/3 S2/3, Fort LearnardBC 4, B'4 S'4 and B"3 S"3

DEC #12, Fort LearnardSearchlights #11 and #12

Radar Sites
SCR-296, Fort LearnardSCR-296 for Battery Const. #298

Other Installations
Projectile magazine, Ft. LearnardMagazines
AMTB Housing area, Fort LearnardHousing and Tramway

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