SCR-296 for Battery Tolles-B
Fort Worden, HD Puget Sound
SCR-296 Ft. Worden.

The SCR-296 radar site that provided targeting information for Battery Tolles-B included a 50-foot steel tower, a transmitter building, and an auxiliary power plant. The site was constructed in 1943, but declared obsolete only three years later, at which time all of the equipment and the steel tower were removed.

Today the power plant is gone, but the transmitter building remains in reasonable condition. Few other prefabricated transmitter buildings have survived to the present.

The transmitter building from the southeast.
April 2004
Looking east in the transmitter building.
April 2004
The west corner of the transmitter building.
April 2004
The southeast end of the roof
April 2004
The south corner of the transmitter building.
April 2004
Looking north in the transmitter building.
April 2004
One of the tower footings.
April 2004

Form 2May 22, 1943
Detection Area map, SCR No. 2August, 1944

Access info:
The SCR site is part of Fort Worden State Park and is open to the public.

You can park near the central power plant and then follow the old road up to the first fork, Take a right and continue to a good trail that leads up to the left. When you get to the top follow the upper road left, along the back of the mortar batteries, just after the last mortar battery you should come to the transmitter building on the left of the road.

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