Battery Tolles
Fort Worden, HD Puget Sound
A.M.T.B. btry Ft. Flagler.

Battery Tolles was built in the early 1900s to house four 6-inch disappearing guns, but by 1921 only two were left at the battery (#1 and #2). The battery command station and plotting room were located in a Sewell type (plaster over metal mesh) building about 500 feet south of the battery.

In November of 1936 work was begun to modify the unused emplacements to accommodate two 6-inch pedestal guns. This modification consisted mainly of rasing the gun blocks, constructing new loading platforms and renovating a store room into a plotting room. The two pedestal guns were designated Battery Tolles-B, and the original two disappearing guns were designated Battery Tolles-A.

In 1942 Battery Tolles-B's loading platforms were extended about 3 feet to make more room for the gun crews.

A new battery command post was built for Battery Tolles-B in 1943, located on top of the magazines between guns #1 and #2. Also, an SCR-296 radar site was built to serve Battery Tolles-B, it was located about 750 feet to the southwest of the battery.

In 1944 the disappearing guns in Battery Tolles-A were declared 'No longer required' and removed. Later that year, Battery Tolles-B's plotting room was enlarged and gas-proofed.

Not much is left of the old plotting room/BC station, just some rubble and the retaining wall. Most of the transmitter building is still at the SCR-296 site, and the battery its self is in pretty good shape.

Battery Tolles-A
Battery Tolles-B
Battery Tolles-B plotting room
Battery Tolles-B Battery command station
Battery Tolles-B SCR-296 site

Old BC station

Looking north at the BC station retaining wall.
March 2002
Looking southwest at the BC station.
April 2004

Form 1August, 1921
Form 7August, 1925
Form 1April, 1932
Form 1, Tolles-AAugust 23, 1937
Form 1, Tolles-BAugust 23, 1937
Form 7August 23, 1937
Form 1, Tolles-AMay 14, 1942
Form 1, Tolles-BMay 14, 1942
Form 7May 14, 1942
Form 2, LatrineJuly 6, 1942
Form 2, SCR 296 set No.1May 22, 1943
Form 2, BC, btry TollesSeptember, 1932
Form 2, BC Tolles-BJuly 23, 1943
Form 2, plotting room, btry Tolles-BOctober 23, 1944
Field of Fire mapAugust 1, 1944
Table of FC stations1944

Access info:
Battery Tolles is part of Fort Worden State Park and is open to the public.

You can park near the central power plant and follow the old road around the bluff right to the battery.

The old BC and SCR site are to the south of the battery and best accessed from the upper road.

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