Battery Tolles-B plotting complex
Fort Worden, HD Puget Sound
A.M.T.B. btry Ft. Flagler.

The Battery Tolles-B plotting complex was built in the southern store room between Batteries Tolles-A and Tolles-B. In 1944 it was enlarged and gas proofed. The larger room to the north was converted to the plotting room while the smaller southern room was prepared for use as a data computer room (the data computer was never installed). The modifications also included a CWS room and an air lock that were built in the old corridor. Two new vents were cut into the plotting room and one was cut for the data computer room.

See the Form 2 for a floor plan.

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The top of the old chimneys.
Looking north at the plotting complex.

CWS room

Looking west at the door to the CWS room.
Slightly different angle.
Looking west in the CWS room.
March 2002
Detail of the fuse box.

Air lock

Looking northeast at the air lock door.
Note the round vent hole to the right.
January 2002
Looking northwest in the air lock.
Looking north at the air lock door.
Note the old camouflage paint on the walls.
Looking southeast in the air lock.

Plotting room

The plotting room, looking northwest.
January 2002
The east corner.
Detail of the west vent hole.
The north corner.
Looking south in the plotting room.

Data computer room

Looking east.
Looking west.
Detail of the west vent hole.
Detail of the CWS door latch.
Looking northwest at the data computer room's window.
The south corner.
The north corner.
Detail of the west vent hole.
Detail of the light fixtuer/power outlet.
Inset is a close up of the "220 V." label under the outlet.

All photos from Oct 2003, unless otherwise noted.

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