BC 7
Puffin Island, HD Kodiak
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Army documents indicate that a "wooden, single-level, cottage type structure of local design" housed the Battery Command station for Battery Tactical #7. The station was located at the southwest end of Puffin Island, on a small hill.

Remains at the site in 2005 included a partially destroyed structure which seems to consist of a concrete roof over an earthen dugout. There is what appears to be a ladder shaft in one corner, possibly leading to an adjoining structure that no longer exists.

Looking southwest at the structure.
July 2005
The top of the structure.
July 2005
Looking west under the concrete roof.
July 2005
Looking north inside the structure.
July 2005
The possible ladder shaft is in the southwest corner.
July 2005
Detail of the ladder shaft and concrete debris.
July 2005

Description of the station, page 1 
Description of the station, page 2 
Detail map of area.September 1944

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