A.M.T.B. Battery
Fort Worden, HD Puget Sound
A.M.T.B. btry Ft. Flagler.

The 90 mm Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat (A.M.T.B.) battery at Point Wilson was constructed in late 1943 to provide rapid fire defense against small, fast boats. The battery included four 90 mm guns, two in fixed emplacements and two on mobile mounts.

Today the #2 emplacement has been broken up and is mostly covered by large rocks. The #1 emplacement is in better shape, but is still under cut and is starting to brake up.

#1 Emplacement

Looking southeast at the emplacement.
September 2003
Looking up from the beach.
The wooden pilings are part of the original construction.
April 2004
Detail of concrete filled sandbags.
September 2003
Looking northeast at the emplacement. Note the concrete filled sandbags on the revetment.
April 2004
The #1 emplacement from the south.
April 2004
Detail of the mounting bolts.
April 2004

#2 Emplacement

Looking southwest at the #2 emplacement.
April 2004
The north side of the emplacement.
April 2004
Looking down at the remains of the revetment.
April 2004
Looking east along the wooden retaining wall.
September 2003

Form 1March 25, 1944
Form 7March 25, 1944

Access info:
The A.M.T.B. battery is part of Fort Worden State Park and is open to the public. It is located in front of the Point Wilson Light House and is easy to find.

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