BC 2
Fort McGilvray, HD Seward
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The Battery Command station for Battery Const. #293 is located on top of the magazine structure at Caines Head. In addition to its role as a BC, the station was also provided with the necessary equipment to act as an emergency base end and spotting station, should the need arise.

Many of the original fittings remain in the station today, including the frames for two fold-down cots and the heavy metal shields for the observation slit.

The front of the station, looking northwest.
July 2004
Inside, looking southeast.
July 2005
Looking northwest in the station.
July 2004
Detail of the metal splinter shields.
July 2004
The rear entrance to the station.
July 2004
Looking southwest in the station.
July 2004
The northeast corner of the station.
July 2004
Detail of the observation slit.
July 2004

Form 2 
Form 2, plan 

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