Battery Const. #293
Fort McGilvray, HD Seward
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Battery Const. #293 is located atop Caines Head at an elevation of 630 feet above sea level. Armament at the battery consisted of two 6-inch guns emplaced on either side of the central magazine and plotting structure. Each gun was protected by a turret-like steel shield several inches thick.

When construction on Battery #293 was halted in the spring of 1944 the project was nearing completion, requiring only the installation of communications equipment and camouflage. Prior to abandonment the army removed all Ordnance and Signal Corps equipment, but left the lighting system and much of the power room wiring and conduits in place.

Emplacement #1
Emplacement #2
Power plant
Plotting Complex
Battery Command station

Center Corridor

The rear entrance.
July 2004
Looking north in the center corridor.
July 2004
Looking south past the plotting room door.
July 2004
The center corridor looking south.
July 2004
Looking north past the plotting room door.
July 2004

Front Corridor

Looking west from the middle of the front corridor.
July 2004
Looking east from the middle.
July 2004

Fuel Tank vaults

The west fuel tank vault.
July 2005
The east vault is flooded.
July 2004

Form 1 
Form 7, part 1 
Form 7, part 2 
Form 7, part 3 
Fire Control ChartAugust 22, 1944
Plot PlanAugust 18, 1944
Form 7,  showing room layout
(From similar battery)
April 1, 1944

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