BC 6 and B 1/6 S 1/6
Fort Abercrombie, HD Kodiak
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The Coast Artillery installed the Battery Command and the first base end and spotting station, B 1/6 S 1/6, for Battery Const. #404 at the top of a 50-foot wooden tower some 500 feet west of the battery. The two-level station atop the tower was of wooden construction except for the floors, which used a layer of concrete over wood.

The tower footings now straddle one of the park's camp sites.
July 2005
Detail of a tower footing.
July 2005
The floor from the lower station. Note the hole for a trap door.
July 2005
An instrument mount remains nearby.
July 2005

Form 2May 1, 1944
PlanSeptember 1, 1945
Detail map of area.September 1944

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