Group 2 Command Post and SCR-582
Deer Point, Long Island, HD Kodiak
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The Group 2 Command Post was a single room station occupying the lower level of a two-story station set atop a 40-foot wooden tower. Personnel here were responsible for coordinating the fire of Battery Const. #296 and Battery Tactical #4, the two batteries located on Long Island.

Above the command post was an equipment room for the SCR-582 general surveillance radar unit that was installed on the top of the tower. This radar site was capable of detecting both surface craft and low-flying aircraft for a range of more than 20 miles.

A small shed stands near the tower debris.
August 2005
Looking west at the tower site.
August 2005
Detail of tower debris.
August 2005
Inside the shed.
August 2005
The SCR power house, located downhill from the tower.
August 2005 photo by Chris Wiles

Form 2, Group 2 CPMay 1, 1944
Plan, Group 2 CPSeptember 1, 1945
Form 2, SCR-582May 1, 1944
Plan, SCR-582September 1, 1945
Form 5, SCR-582 power plantMay 1, 1944
SCR-582 Arc of Detection map 
Detail map of area.September 1944

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