HD Puget Sound
Instalations by location
3" gun Ft. Flagler.

Fort Ebey

Fire Control
B 3/2 S3/2, Fort EbeyB 3/2 S3/2 Station

Searchlight #5, Fort EbeySearchlight #5

Fort Casey

Fire Control
F'' 4, Fort CaseyF" 4 & B"7 Station

Searchlight #9, Fort CaseySearchlights #8 and #9

Fort Flagler
Marrowstome Point AMTB batteryA.M.T.B. Battery90 mm AMTB

Fort Worden

Gun Batteries
pit B, Battery Brannan, Fort WordenBattery Brannan12-inch Mortar
pit B, Battery Powell, Fort WordenBattery Powell12-inch Mortar
#2 Battery Kinzie, Fort WordenBattery Kinzie12-inch Disappearing
#2 Battery Benson, Fort WordenBattery Benson10-inch Disappearing
Battery Stoddard, Fort WordenBattery Stoddard6-inch Disappearing
#2 Battery Tolles-B, Fort WordenBattery Tolles6-inch Disappearing
#1 Battery Vicars, Fort WordenBattery Vicars5-inch Balanced pillar
#2 Wilson Point AMTB battery, Fort WordenA.M.T.B. Battery90 mm AMTB
#2 Battery Putnam, Fort WordenBattery Putnam3-inch Pedestal
#2 Battery Walker, Fort WordenBattery Walker3-inch Pedestal
Height finder, AA Battery #3, Fort WordenAntiaircraft battery No. 33-inch Antiaircraft

Fire Control
BC btry TollesBC Battery Tolles and B1/6 S1/6

Radar Sites
SCR-296, Fort WordenSCR-296 for Battery Tolles-B

Camp Hayden
Battery #131, Camp HaydenBattery #13116-inch Barbette

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