Other Kodiak Installations
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Narrow Cape
Narrow CapeHousing and Support Buildings

Round Top
Round TopHousing and Support Buildings

Fort J. H. Smith, St. Peters Head
WR Magazine, Ft. J. H. SmithWar Reserve Magazine

Puffin Island
AW Magazine, Puffin IslandAutomatic Weapon Magazines
Pier, Puffin IslandHousing and Support Buildings

Buskin Hill
Magazine, Buskin HillMagazines

Burt Point
Quonset hut, Burt PointHousing and Support Buildings

Lake Dolgoi Area
Southwest magzine, Lake Dolgoi areaBattle Allowance Magazines

Deer Point
Easternmost Battle Allowance Magazine, Deer PointMagazines
Support Building, Deer PointHousing and Support Buildings

Castle Bluff
Battle Allowance Magazine, Castle BluffMagazines
Quonset Hut, Castle BluffHousing and Support Buildings

Cooks Bay
Power plant site, Cooks BayCooks Bay Housing and Support Buildings

Fort Abercrombie, Miller Point
WR Magazine, Ft. AbercrombieBattle Allowance Magazine
Generator House, Ft. AbercrombieSupport Buildings

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