Mortar power plant
Fort Worden, HD Puget Sound
A.M.T.B. btry Ft. Flagler.

The power plant located to the rear of the mortar batteries Brannan and Powell supplied electricity to Battery Stoddard and Battery Putnam as well as the two mortar batteries.

It contained two 25 KW. generators in the power room and two radiators in the smaller radiator room. The power plant also had a small store room and a telephone booth.

Looking east at the power plant.
January 2002
The south corner of the power room.
Looking north in the power room.
Detail of the power switchboard mounts.
The northeast wall of the radiator room.
The west corner of the radiator room.
March 2002
Looking north at the power plant.
Looking west in the power room.
The east corner of the power room.
Looking east in the radiator room.
Looking southeast in the store room.

Form 5December, 1932
PlanDecember, 1932

Access info:
The power plant is part of Fort Worden State Park and is open to the public.

You can park near the central power plant and follow the old road to the first fork and then turn right (east). After a while a trail will take off to the left that leads right past the power plant.

All photos from Sep 2003, unless otherwise noted.

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