Battery Tactical #4
Lowell Point, HD Seward
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The 90-mm Anti-Motor Torpedo Boat (AMTB) battery at Lowell Point consisted of four 90-mm guns and two 37-mm guns. Two of the 90-mm guns were emplaced on fixed mounts with concrete gun emplacements and two were used on mobile mounts. The battery was completed in the Fall of 1943, but abandoned along with the rest of Seward's defenses in 1944.

Today, all that remains are the two concrete gun emplacements. The #2 emplacement is badly damaged, but the #1 emplacement is in a bit better shape.

#1 Emplacement

Looking south at the emplacement.
July 2004
The emplacement.
July 2005

#2 Emplacement

The emplacement form the north.
July 2004
Looking east at the emplacement.
July 2004

Form 1 
Fire Control chartAugust 21, 1944

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